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There's No Taste Like Home...

My lockdown adventures have included lots of baking!! My boys have been loving me being home as I have had the time and energy to bake some delicious wholesome foods including Homemade ricotta gnocchi (recipe below - you all must try!), and other nutritious treats using food from our garden.

How have you been spending the past few days?

One should always cook with love...


500g Ricotta

100g Grated Parmesan Cheese

150g Plain Flour

1 Egg

  1. Combine ricotta, cheese, flour, egg, salt and pepper to taste - mix well.

  2. Roll the dough into cigar shapes.

  3. Cut into pieces 203cm long and run pieces over gnocchi curler or over a fork to leave indentation.

  4. Place gnocchi onto a floured board.

  5. Start a large pot of water on the stove and bring to the boil.

  6. Add gnocchi while boiling

  7. Gnocchi is cooked when it rises to the surface of the water.

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